Advice needed for creating a continuous 90 second warning beep during SHM delay

I am trying to setup my alarm delay to have a constant beep for 90 seconds to notify house member alarm is set and will go off shortly. I need this because a certain family member opens the door without realizing the alarm is set every night…

I have the konnected system setup through the smart things hub. Right now i have the piezo buzzer setup to beep when a sensor is activated. I am running the shm delay application that allows 90 seconds until the alarm isactivated. I have a kindle fire with action tiles setup right by the door in question, but the visual ques on it do not highlight the fact the alarm is on, just a small icon that reads sleep mode activated.

I have been looking at the zwave alarms with chime features but would like to know if anyone has some ideas, or has been successful with a similar setup. In the end i would like the door to be opened and a constant beeping cue the operator that the alarm is about to go off and go unlock the system. Instead of the door opens and the operator will go outside and then the alarm will go off and wake up my my kids and myself. I tried setting the connected buzzer to beep, but can not find a mode to have it on a constant beep until the alarm is removed. The shm delay app has some functionality for beeping by my buzzer is not supported and need to find another option.

I also thought about using a color wifi light bulb above the panel to turn red or something when the routine is activated. Again just trying to stop my not to named spouse to stop setting the alarm off :slight_smile:

Please advise if you can, thanks.

I’m not sure if the following approach will work on the fire tablet or not, you just need to try it and see. It would work on an Echo Dot.

One) put a physical contact sensor on the door. It sounds like you might already have this.

Two) create a virtual contact sensor to act as a proxy for the physical sensor. More about this later.

Three) create rules that determine when the virtual contact sensor gets opened, something like when the physical contact sensor is opened, but only if the SHM mode is armed. Or whatever you want the rules to be.

Four) Buy what is a music file that the echo can play that is at least 90 seconds of beeping. There are a number of different sound effects files available, so you should be able to find something. ( I just don’t remember if this works with a custom file or not.)

Five) create an Amazon routine (not a SmartThings routine) so that when the virtual contact sensor is opened, the beep file will play. i’m not sure if this will work on your fire tablet. It will definitely work on an Echo Dot.

Six) create a second Amazon routine to stop the beep from playing once the contact sensor is closed again. But remember that that doesn’t mean the physical contact sensor closed. It means whatever combination of rules you want to apply to the virtual contact sensor. It might be fine if the person leaves the door open while they go back to disarm the panel. That’s all up to you. You could mark The virtual sensor closed as soon as the alarm State Mode is changed.

Now you have all the pieces in place for what you wanted. :sunglasses:

The person opens the door, smartthings realizes that the door is open but the security panel is still armed, smartthings turns on the virtual sensor, echo is triggered because the virtual sensor is “open” and plays the beep file. Then whatever condition of events you have set up tell smartthings to turn the virtual sensor back to “closed” and echo stops the beeping.

It would be great if you could do this on the fire tablet you already have, I just don’t know if you can select those as a “play music” source from an Amazon routine or not. But otherwise you would need to add another echo dot to your set up.

Here’s the FAQ on the echo routines and smartthings:

There are a number of other ways to do this with other devices, so I’m sure a number of people have suggestions, but this way it’s pretty simple and pretty straightforward. Also, if it helps any, you can also mix in custom echo voice announcements.

i literally have multipe echos one near the panel and one in the garage, never thought about using that as the buzzer or notification device. I like where your mind is at, will give it a try.

Thanks for the input! I am relative new to this home automation adventure, but time after time I am amazed at the capabilities

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Helpful question, let us know how it works out. I’d be glad to let you pave the way and then follow…

Hi Guys I got this exact set up running well. The only snag is that the Alexa routine just requests a simple action which is play the audio when the sensor opens, and it does so in it’s entirity. I have configured the virtual sensor to close once the alarm is disabled but the audio from Alexa will just finish the full audio regardless

Any ideas would be helpful.