Advice for Scene Controller

The short answer is that because it wants customers to be able to mix zwave and zigbee devices without having to really know which is which, smartthings does not provide support for Z wave scene controllers. So there really aren’t any multibutton scene controllers that work well with the smartthings hub. There is one of the Levitons that works OK for some people, and one of the Enerwaves that works for some people and drives others crazy, but you’re just rolling the dice with both of those.

The option people seem to be happiest with is mounting an inexpensive phone or tablet on Wi-Fi and using This is a very nice customizable dashboard app. Developed by a community member, you can try it for free, and then make a contribution if you like it.

There’s a forum topic where people share different hardware mounting options they’ve used with it. That might give you some ideas.

As far as button devices, people seem to have the most luck with the Leviton VRCS4. Note that is not the Leviton VRC Z 4, which just doesn’t work with SmartThings. And The one that does work is still a bear to set up. But it probably has the look you want.

I personally really like the smartenIT 3 toggle battery-operated switch, very clean look and you can put it anywhere. But it’s only three buttons.

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