Advanced button control

Advanced button controller app crashes when I click on new button device mapping. Says - Network or server error occurred. Try again later.
I’m pretty new at this ,so please help.

I guess you are using the new SmartThing Samsung Connect app, that is a bug in the app. It works well with the SmartThings Classic app.

I have the classic app as well, when I try to run it from there it tells me - sorry there was an unexpected error.
Maybe I installed it incorrect?

Try to delete it first and add it again, have a look here for support:

Hi Ryan,

Have you installed the Child app aswell as the main app? This is the error I would expect if only the main app was installed.

  1. Install Main app & publish
  2. Install Child app but dont publish
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Not exactly sure where I went wrong the first time, but after deleting and re installing, it works now. Thank you.

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