Adurosmart eria dimmable smart plug has no dimming option

Hello :slight_smile: I just connected my newly bought adurosmart eria dimmable plug to my Samsung smart hub. The pairing was painless, but when looking at the device in the smartthings app, there’s no dimming option, just an option to turn the switch on and off. I added it by choosing ‘Adurosmart eria’ and then ‘dimmable plug’. Does anyone know what’s going on? Thanks for replies :slight_smile:

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Same here. By using a hue-bridge it works. But I don’t realy like this workarround. Espacialy because from time to time the connection gets lost.
It should be easy to setup or edit the handler to fix the problem. But I am to stupid to do so.
Would be great if someone could help here.

In the meantime I tried some handlers I found on GitHub. But no changes. Always the same.
There is no Dimming slider.
Sure the Plug is dimmable? Yes! With the HueEssiantials App and connectet to the Hue Bridge it works.
Any clue?

EDIT says - 26 min later: I found a solution!

Simply use the generic “Zigbee Dimmer Power” handler. Works fine for me.
But use on your own risk. No warranties from my side.