ADT Smartthings Panel Disconnected

I’m not one that pays much attention to apps on my phone, heck I don’t even have my phone turned on much. I happened to check the app today and noticed the ADT ST Panel was disconnected. I was surprised it was still pinging even though it was disconnected. I’m still confused what works local and what is pushed through the cloud.

I could arm and disarm and Smart Lights automation worked, all local stuff because they are local. Everything else runs through the cloud I’m guessing, such as professional monitoring (calling the police, etc.), some push notifications, although I am getting weather alerts however. I’m confused why I’m getting weather alerts and no alert that the hub/panel is disconnected.

Does the disconnected hub/panel ever go back to connected on it’s own or do I always have to take action? In this case I simply rebooted the panel and it came back connected. How often does this happen and why does it happen? Is there something I can do to mitigate it from happening again?