ADT/SmartThings dissapointment

So I purchased the F-ADT-STR-KT-1 hoping this would be the answer. I wanted a system that I could install and monitor myself without any middle man. I just found out that it is impossible to have the ADT portion activate the SmartThings portion. What I wanted was if there was an alarm event it would trigger an outlet that would turn on to power my exterior horns. I was told by a SmartThings rep via a chat session that this was not possible.
Has anyone else been able to find a go around or is this going back to the store?

You can talk to people who are using the system in the following thread (this is a clickable link)

I think the question is what is causing the ADT alarm event. If it is one of the sensors, then you will be able to use those as you described, because the ADT SmartThings dual logo sensors do show up on your sensor list for the home automation events. So essentially you would create A separate home automation rule so that when that sensor is triggered, then your power outlet turns on. You aren’t including the home automation devices in the ADT event, but you are using the same sensor to trigger both.

Basically the smartthings single logo sensors cannot be used to trigger a call to the ADT monitoring center. Only the dual logo sensors can do that. However, the dual logo sensors can be used to trigger an event On the home automation side using the official smart lights feature or a routine.

So it’s going to come down to small details as to whether it is possible or not.

But again, verify with someone who actually has the system in the following thread:


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This is possible with the ADT ST setup. This is also possible with the $99 ST v2 hub.

Please explain. The SmartThings rep that it could not be done. I am hoping there is a way.

On the ADT hub, it would be easiest to do through webCoRE. Someone on the other thread talks about using the alarm events in webCoRE.

On the regular v2 hub, this could be done through setting up SHM.

Honestly, if you’re not going to have ADT monitoring, I think the ADT hub may be a waste of money for you. It sounds like the v2 hub with Smart Home Monitoring (SHM) would be a better fit.

I hope this helps!

I am beginning to agree with you about the V2 instead of the ADT. But I wanted a keypad for folks that are not tech/phone savy. Any suggestions there?

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I’d stick with ADT and go the webcore route.

Webcore? Please help me with this. I am not familiar. A link or thread?

Grab a bottle of wine or 6 pack and get reading

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OK. I have installed/registered and so on. Thank you for that direction. Would anyone know how or where I would find anything having to do with the ADT portion?

Start reading here:

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Have you been able to figure this out? I can’t get an alarm event to turn on my lights through webcore. I can’t get a routine like goodbye (set alarm away for example) to turn off lights or anything. Non of my routines can connect to the alarm side (away, disarm etc.).

So with webcore I’m able to set my goodbye routine to arm the panel which is great. Can’t figure out how to disarm it with the I’m back routine though or how to set a routine on an alarm yet.

I have created a smartapp called “ADT Tools” that will allow the ability to flip a switch, turn on a siren, or flash lights when a ADT Alarm event takes place. It may be something to look at to fill this desire.

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