ADT + Samsung Things Hub

So I recently purchased the ADT + ST Hub. Have a few questions:

First - I setup the sensors that came with it that are special ADT sensors, and they show up in “my things” but the new "home security’ section tells me: “You have no monitorable devices.” I even tried deleting for example, the motion sensor, and re-adding it, but still it doesnt show in there.

Second - WIth the old “Smart Home Monitor” I could automatically arm and disarm it based on presence sensors. I don’t see how I can do this with the new hub - is it possible?

Basically - I really like the way Smart Home Monitor works, but wanted to add a touch screen panel to control it and some additional reliability. But I dont want to give up all the features of as a trade off.

Welcome! :sunglasses: The people in the following thread have that model. If you ask your questions there you should get informed responses from people who are actually using the system. There is often quite a bit of confusion from people who don’t have it and make assumptions about how they think it works. :wink:

This is a clickable link:

You probably should look at the smartapp “ADT Tools” as it may enable some functionality that you would like.

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