ADT Hub vs. v2 Hub

Can you share your user-like experience? I have an older ADT system already installed at home, but no monitored currently in effect. I do a V2 hub and a lot devices already working with it, and 2 recently acquired arlo pro cams. When the system was first released there was no camera integration, but I don’t know if that has been added, or if the keypad allows you to view the cameras.

What are the pros and cons that you find on having the ADT Hub vs a conventional alarm keypad + ST Hub?

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So here is my $0.02 on the topic.

The user experience is much like having a traditional alarm system. From the ADT/ST panel you can arm, disarm, bypass zones, etc. The panel is dedicated to the ADT portion of the system and you can NOT control any of the automation (including viewing cameras).

Pros of the system:

  • One smartphone app for both my alarm and home automation system

  • A panel to arm and disarm my system (vs Smart Home Monitor with only the ST app)

  • Arm / Disarm system using routines or presence (this requires using WebCoRE)

  • Able to use the ADT/ST sensors for both security and automation (this means I don’t have to have two sensors on my doors)

  • No contract required vs a 3 year contract with a traditional ADT system

Cons of the system:

  • Migration to the ADT/ST hub required totally rebuilding my ST system (there is no migration tool)

  • It’s still a VERY new product, so support is sometimes confusing between ST and ADT

Hopefully this gives you what you need. If you have any specific questions feel free to reach out.



Two questions:

  1. My current ST v2 hub works with my Harmony Hub. I don’t see Harmony listed on the ADT Hub compatibility list - will I be able to interact with Harmony using the ADT hub?

  2. Both my Alexa and Google Assistant/Home devices interact with my current ST hub. I don’t see mention of voice control using google devices with ADT. Possible?


Yes and Yes. :slight_smile:

So I also have recently purchased an ADT SmartThings Hub and am looking to migrate from my v2 hub. I’ve moved a Samsung Motion Sensor and Iris Door Sensor over; however, they’re not showing as being part of the ADT system when I try to test activate it. Based on what everyone is saying it is working as a SmartThings hub as far as everything is concerned in my mobile app, but if I wanted to arm my system from the ADT hub at my kictchen door it doesn’t work. My guess is this was a waste of money and i should just return it to Best Buy? I was looking forward to the built in siren, interactive security panel and the graphic interface of the display. I wasn’t planning to pay for the ADT service ever. Is there another interactive panel like this that could be purchased to act as what I noted above? Not just a numeric keypad, but an actual digital display width system wide info?

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You can only use the combo adt/st sensors for security monitoring with the ADT hub.

I think the use case for the ADP/ST alarm panel is hard for many folks to wrap their mind around, for me it was a perfect fit. The ADT/ST panel is a commercial 2GIG GC3 alarm panel with the integration of the ST hub capabilities. Think of the alarm panel and ST hub as separate systems that talk to each other

The reason the panel requires specific (900mhz) sensors to trigger alarm events is for reliability and integration with the alarm panel not the ST hub. There are many threads of general HA sensors providing unexpected results, you are very unlikely to see this with the ADT sensors talking to the alarm panel. Depending on your security needs, the reliability of ST and general HA sensors may be fine. For a focused security stance, the ADT panel provides a more reliable system that can also communicate with ST.

The ability to activate monitoring monthly as needed is also beneficial to some. When we are travelling I’m likely to have monitoring turned on. When I’m local I will self monitor, all the alerts still go to my phone either way.


Hi All,

Earlier a lack of export/import/migration was mentioned.

I just recently got the ST Hub v2 but am considering replacing my alarm system, it’s an ELK M1 Gold which interfaces with some of my other HA systems using serial protocol but it really seems to be of previous generation.

So looking at the ADT hub, will i need to basically airgap and re-join all devices to this new hub? Or worse re-setup a lot of other setups (e.g. i just finished NEST integration which takes a bit of effort).

Am i correct to say that non ADT items cannot be seen to by ADT sevices but the dual label sensors (ADT/ST) can be seen monitored by ADT AND can be used to trigger automations, etc?

There is no migration, so you would reset everything and start from scratch. And you’re correct on the monitoring and adt/st sensors.

Or to avoid this nightmare can i just add the ADT hub as a 2nd hub…since i already own the regular hub and probably cant return it anyway?

Unfortunately no. Two hubs can’t be used on the same network of devices.

Aside from ADT, is there other Smarthings compatible true alarm systems?

I currently pay $16/month for alarm monitoring and dispatch and ADT is crazy more expensive.

Mainly i would like to be able to see status of the alarm, ideally (but not strictly required) turn it on/off with ST.

And being able to trigger automations based on the alarm system mode. i.e. my alarm (Elk M1) was integrated with my previous automation system to turn off the lights when we armed it, etc.

The ADT hub sounds good but the monthly cost seems high and at this point i am in a bit too deep in already to switch as well.

On more hub related question…if you hub dies and you need to replace it…i assume that a disaster as well? (plugging it into my UPS now. :slight_smile: )

Exactly what do you mean by “true alarm systems”?

Since SmartThings depends on the Cloud (and your internet connection), some people do not consider it reliable enough to be used for Home Security / Home Safety.

The current Classic SmartThings App links Smart Home Monitor to Scout for a monthly fee. The subscription process is inside the App under SHM. Just look for it.

There are other ways to integrate some other monitoring services; but these do not have proven reviews and are completely unofficial and not sanctioned by SmartThings.

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This is all about how much focus you put on security. If you want the best reliable setup similar to what you have experience before with the home automation integration of Smartthings then the Smartthings ADT Panel is pretty much the only way to go. All other options use the cloud heavily and require some hackery to get a fully functional system. I understand your concern about the ADT pricing. It isn’t as bad as I have seen from some of the other large security firms but isn’t great. If you pay for 6 months up front you can get it down to about $21 a month. If you pay monthly it is 25 basically. That is allot more then the $16 you are saying.

I would also suggest you look at the ADT Tools application for additional integration options with the smartthigs environment if you get the Smartthings ADT Panel. ADT Tools does run in the cloud but your alarm system doesn’t depend on it to work.

The 4 alternatives in Smartthings I can think of are below and all but the 1st option requires the cloud to work. If the cloud is down so is your alarm system

  1. Smart Home Monitor
  2. Smart Home Monitor with SHM Delay
  3. Smart Home Monitor with Scoute
  4. Noonlight

If you are fine with separate systems and don’t mind Amazon owning Ring, I would suggest ring protect as a good pricewise alternative. No integration, but you can’t beat the price at $10 a month.


I’m going to do some research to confirm that. Been putting off migrating all my stuff from Nvidia shield ST to ADT hub. Got the starter kit cheap and all the sensors $8 a piece. And the add on kit $79.
The door sensors are fast and accurate. No delay and communication lockups like the Iris.

All the devices and routines are talking to each other. I have Alexa trigging announcements based on the ADT sensors. Granted there is a a skill for ADT ST. However. All my routines triggered from the ADT key fob, panel and door sensors still trigger devices and routines on the old hub. The smart thing app allows 2 hubs and ask me which hub to attach any new devices at the same location and network. The classic ST app sees all the devices but thinks they are on the same hub. My experience so far anyway.

Check the official support knowledge base. It should be 30 seconds to research, since it’s a FAQ. :wink:

Can I use two Hubs in one Location?
The SmartThings app does support multiple Hubs in one Location. However, devices can only be paired to one controller at a time. This means that while the Hubs and their devices will exist on the same Location, devices can only be controlled by the Hub that they are paired to. You can also control multiple Hubs from one account.

BTW, In the official knowledge base whenever they say “the SmartThings app“ they mean the new app, “Samsung SmartThings (Connect)”

But last I saw, the ADT hub didn’t work with the new app. I don’t know if that’s changed.

It does now

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During the ADT hub installation, the wizard suggested excluding all devices and resetting old hub. Glad I didn’t go through with that. Didn’t even occur to me the FAQ would be updated.

Works great so far.

Is anyone else having a difficult time using the ADT hub for automations. I also can’t use ADT hub with IFTT. That is one of the biggest differences I have noticed so far.