Adjust Smart home monitor sensor sensitivity?

Hi all,
I’m looking to use smart home monitor as a security system for my home with a motion sensor in each room and multiple open and close sensors but it’s just too sensitive once armed I get false alarm notifications every few hours. Any way to decrease the sensitivity or make it so if it detects motion for an extended period then it activates an alarm? Was looking to connect an alarm to it aswell but to sensitive at the moment would be going off every few hours haha. Many thanks in advance.

This is a function of your sensor. Whether or not you can adjust it depends on which sensor you are using. Some, for example, have pet settings which decrease the sensitivity for small animals. You should also look at placement of the sensors. Sunlight, car headlights and the like can sometimes cause the sensors to trip.

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You might take at look at this FAQ also:

Hey thanks both,

I suspect my sensors coming to the end of their life might be the cause reading the other thread they are the originals from 4 years ago due an upgrade to the 2018 model hopefully that’ll fix it

Would be good to customize smart home monitor though maybe only alert you if all motion sensors are triggered in the same room or alert if motion for a prolonged period to rule out false alarms :slight_smile:

Try WebCoRE to accumulate data and analyze it for “how many” within “how long”.