Ademco 4204 relay module (for Vista 15P and 20P)

Does anyone have any experience programming a 4204 relay (4 relays)?

I want to hook one up to my Vista 20P panel and have it open/close relays based on system states.
Those relays would be wired to door/window contact sensors like my connected smokes are.

The idea is to have the 4 relays trigger events, change modes, and arm/disarm SHM.

I DO NOT want nor trust my hardwired monitored alarm to be controllable via any “internet connected” device/portal. So no AD2Pi, EVL4/alarmserver, STNP, etc.
To be cleat, this is to “monitor” (only) states of my hardwired monitored alarm which I intend to keep active/monitored and separately operated from ST.

The 4 relay positions should be:
IE. programmed condition = desired relay state
[resting condition of relay = logically means the system is…]

  1. Armed (any condition: away, stay, instant) = closed
    [disarmed = open]

  2. Alarm sounding = open
    [no alarm sounding = closed]

  3. Entry delay sounding = open
    [nothing sounding = closed]

  4. Arming away (exit delay sounding) = open
    [nothing sounding = closed]

First off, can those be programmed that way?
2nd, has anyone done something similar but used different triggers?

Here’s a screenshot from the Vista Programming manual of available triggers.

Thoughts, feedback, suggestions?

The AD2Pi is basically another keypad on your system. Like any keypad it requires your code to arm and disarm the alarm, however it does receive the alphanumeric data from your system without the code. So you could still use this device but don’t program your code so it’s not “internet connected” for arming and disarming. You will need a Pi or Arduino to receive the data from the AD2Pi that will then forward to ST.

What about the AD2usb, does it function the same way as the AD2Pi?

It does - there is no need for the alarmdecoder to be internet connected. You can do local network only on the webapp to interface with smartthings. No need to expose it outside your home. No 3rd party gateways or services required for AlarmDecoder.

First thing I will ask is do you know the install code? Have you been into programming on this panel yet?

I have the code. But never programmed the panel, it’s an active monitored and maintained by local company panel. I do have a 6160 keypad to use, but it’s not installed.
I have 2 6150s installed, but wiring the 6160 is a 2 min thing, I’ll just wire it straight to the panel.
All I need is a quick walk through assigning that new keypad an new address.

Can I ask what firmware version the panel is?
If it’s 10. Then all keypad addresses are already enabled. If it’s earlier than that you will go to *191 which is address 18 and select 1then 0. That enables keypad address 18.

Once you enable the keypad address you would press 1 and 3 at the same time within 50 seconds of keypad power up and set address to 18. Then let me know what you want the relays to do

Where can I find the firmware version? On board (sticker/printed), or do I have to use keypad to query?

On the eprom chip about center of the board towards the top

Scott Hendrickson

Journeyman technician/NICET

Advanced electric and alarm

It’s 9.12
Do you want me to give you a call? I’m assuming based on phone # in post

Lol. You sure can. It’s just my email signature but a call may work better. Give me about 10 minutes

Scott Hendrickson

Journeyman technician/NICET

Advanced electric and alarm


Scott, would tomorrow anytime work? I can’t find the installer code. I think my kids are responsible for my notebook disappearing…
I have to call my alarm co to get it tomorrow.

I might be able to get you in through a back door. If you call me we can try it

It involves a power cycle.