Additional User issue's again

After experiencing numerous presence issues I tried deleting my wife as a second user, thinking that may help and then tried re-adding her.

On my phone it shows under the “My Account/ Account users” her email as if she is succesfully been added. But her phone does not show up under “Things”. In essence her phone is not being added to the profile of the acct even though it says she is active user?

I have tried deleting the app on both phones, rebooting hub, removing power, removed her acct via the IDE etc Every time I have tried re-adding her, no matter what option I try, her Iphone will **not **show up under “Things” or on the IDE under account list. . Nothing works to get her Iphone to show up under “Things” Last night I even tried to add her using a second email address, but same result. Her I-phone settings are all set to correct, backgroud refresh, location on set to always, use cellular data.

Does someone from ST need to clear out my profile? I feel like all the adding and readding has broke something? Any ideas?

Any ideas? I am not getting anywhere with support and without being able to add a second user, I cannot use SMH, as anytime my wife comes and goes from the house without me being there, I am getting aletred of intrusrion as ST doesn’t recognize her presence.

I have the latest versions of everything firm updates via the app and hub.

So frustrated as I rely on SMH as my quasi security system. My area has had a ton of break-in’s, this service working is critical for us.

Anyone from ST monitoring this that could help?

You want to add the smartphone as a Thing to your network.

Go to the Thing store (SmartApp store) and find the Coming and Going Category and there should be one for Mobile phone.
You will have to add it from her phone.


Thank you…This fixed it. Unfortunately last night the same issues were happening again. Namely my wife’s phone was showing as away when she was right next to me.

Only after I open the app on her phone, does it update.

I have the settings set correctly for the app to constantly refresh in the background, so needing to open the app for it to update should not be necessary.

This happened to me when I initially added my wife. Not sure if it had anything to do with it (or why), but restarting the phone while we were homw helped.

I can’t say for sure but it did it seem like the app loaded from off? I’m thinking that the app had quit in the background for some reason.

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