Adding SmartApp in later 2022

Novice here trying to add code for an app to manage a lock. I logged into the IDE through my browser and all looks good, but there is no option to add a Smart App. I see my two locations, the hub, and my few devices. I have no SmartApps currently showing and no option to add one or input the code. I saw a few examples online, but my screen is not showing the option to add the SmartApp. Is this part of the much dreaded transition I have been reading about? Any way to add Smart Apps at this time? Help!!!


If it is groovy, no.

SmartThings is in the middle of a transition to a whole new architecture.

In the past, SmartThings offered a free cloud service running the groovy programming language. Customers could upload both custom Device Type Handlers and custom SmartApps to their account in that cloud and they would appear in the SmartThings app and would run as needed.

Under the new architecture, that cloud service is gone, so none of the old code will work. During this transition period, some old stuff customers had previously uploaded will keep running for a little while, but you are no longer allowed to make changes or add any new groovy code.

Under the new architecture, Groovy device type handlers will be replaced with Edge Drivers written in the Lua programming language. These will run on your own hub.

For automations, it’s a totally different picture, and it’s complicated. I don’t want to go through it all again here, so please read the following two threads and they will answer that question. (The topic titles are clickable links)

But the short answer is you can no longer upload groovy SmartApps to your account. Instead, contact the author of the smartapp you wanted to use and ask them if there is an option for the new architecture.

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