Adding kwh cost to Aeon Labs Smart Switch

can you guys help me with mine?
i used his as a template with the smarthings template. cost isnt calculating and showing

Anyone get the cost of electricity tile working yet?

I just opened an early present and this function would be great to use.

Thanks for your help!!!

i did look at the post above… i posted my code to github

I created my own using Barry A. Burke’s code from his Aeon HEMv2 device type. All works as far as i can tell. I’m going to add a monthly calculation for cost if its not to hard.


I tried playing with the other HEMv2 one as well trying to see if i could get Volts, Amps etc to display but no luck. The only thing i really want to be able to add is date of last reset any suggestions on how to do that? or a way to have it automatically reset on a certain day like midnight on the 1st of each month.

@bigpunk6 I just started moving in after having to rebuild my home. Thank you for sharing your code, this is great.

After the Android 1.7 app update the cost tile no longer has a value. is it just me or are other seeing similar with the new Android update?

@bigpunk6 would you by chance be using the Android version of the mobile app? Since upgrading to the ST Android app 1.7.2 this device causes the mobile app to crash when selecting the gear to view the device details.

This is a great device type! Thanks!

Anyone know how to reset the dang thing?

Did you try putting the hub in exclusion mode and clicking the power button on the energy switch?

Yes It worked perfect out of the box but I have upgraded to v2 of the hub so I deleted everything from v1 and started fresh. Now the power button simply turns the unit on & off.

Update: I am new to SmartThings and did not understand exclusion mode when I answered that yes I had (I read it totally wrong and was thinking inclusion!) Anyhow I thank you @smart that worked like a charm!

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First off – HEM, device driver, using this thing, is awesome!! Thank you.

I figured out how to reduce the font size after I posted this – Just added a “/n” newline before and after each text in the tile and it reduced its font size. Thanks again.

Has this Device Handler been updated with Cost. If so, where is the latest code?