Adding a standartTile for wakeUpIntervalSet


Currently I have a device handler for a z-wave device, in which I changed the wake up interval from the default 4h to 24 with:

def configure() {
        zwave.wakeUpV1.wakeUpIntervalSet(seconds:86400, nodeid:zwaveHubNodeId)

and I have added a valueTile to displayed the chosen value.

However, I would like to use a standardTile giving me the possibility to change the wakeUpInterval from the app.
I don’t know exactly how to configure the tile and what kind of tile is the most appropriate. (e.g. setting integer values from 1 to 24 corresponding to predefined wakeUpIntervals of 1 hour to 24 hours) and what kind of zwaveEvent or function I need for the “action:” part in the tile.

So, please, help.