Adding a second switch powered by another switch

When wiring a smartswitch, I understand that most switches will require a hot and a neutral to work in order for the switch to draw power. I have a little different situation. I have numerous outlets in my house that are unswitched outlets. To control these, I will need a smart outlet. However, I am considering options to add a wall switch to also control these outlets.

My idea is that the action of turning on the switch, would send the command to the hub and with software configuration, would then activate the outlet. No direct wired connection between them.

I am new to this and am in the planning stages now. So I may be completely off base on this.

But this also leads to a separate question. If this would work in theory, how would I wire the second smart switch from an existing switch/smart switch so that the second smart switch is able to draw constant power. A parallel circuit would create two paths to the original switch’s fixture/outlet?

Or would I wire pigtails to the hot and neutral where the original switch has a hot in/hot out to the fixture/outlet (with a neutral for the switch power), and the second smartswitch just has a parallel branch tied to hot in and neutral?

(Assumption is that smart switches has two hots and a neutral connection)

Yes this can be done with a smart app and pig tails to the line and neutral of the smart switch.

Thanks Jason. Glad to hear that my original thoughts were on the right track.

And in good news, just checked a couple of my switch boxes and the ones I checked have hot, neutral, and ground wires.