Adding a Custom SmartApp in the iOS App? There’s no option under “discover“

The SmartApps button is missing and I am unable to install one of my custom apps. I contacted support and they said that it is no longer supported and it has been removed from the app. Is that correct and if so if there another way to install SmartApps?

That is partially incorrect. As Jimmy posted in your other thread, it was moved to a different part of the app.

It is really hard to find now, but it is there for Android Users. :thinking:

However, I don’t see The option in the newest iOS version of the app! It does seem to be gone. yikes!

Thank you that got me going. Sorry for posting twice. I had a browser issue and didn’t think the first one went through.

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Did you find it or is it in fact missing from the iOS app? I’m not seeing it there on my iPad, but I haven’t checked the phone.

@Automated_House reminded me that you now have to enable developer mode in order to be able to install custom apps. @jkp has a write up on that in the following thread:

I did find it. I tapped on Automations tab > + in the upper right > add routine > Discover tab as JDRobers recommend and when I scrolled to the bottom all my SmartApps were listed.