Add ID Lock 150 to SmartThings

Is there anyone who can explain to a beginner how I can easily get my ID Lock 150 to work with Samsung SmartThings? I understand that I need to mount the Z-wave module in the lock, but what do I do next? :slight_smile:
I found some threads on another forum with the advice to use, but I wonder if it can manage without? Have SmartThings solved the integration without “complicated” (?) Third-party apps? Grateful for as clear guidance as possible :smiley:

What country are you in?

It looks like that module is only available on the Europe zwave frequency, so you would need to have a UK or European version of the SmartThings hub.

I’m from Sweden, so I have the European Smartthings hub.

Thanks, but that is how to do with the lock. My challenge is how I should do with the SmartThings hub.

It should add as a generic Z wave lock when you go to add a thing.

@rboy Is an expert on locks and may know more about that particular brand.

(By the way, Rboy apps are very popular because you generally will get better support from them than from the official support channel, as well as access to more features. But I certainly understand if you only want to stick with the official features, that’s up to you. :sunglasses: )


Unfortunately no, the stock DTH won’t work for most IDLock’s. However this DTH has been developed for IDLock and is approved by IDLock for SmartThings.

After getting access, you can follow the installation instructions here: Device Handler Installation Instructions


Hi RBoy!

I read that you’re the smart lock expert. I have a Danalock v3 Z-wave lock. I miss alerts when unlocking and also which user who locks and unlocks. For now, it only says «locked» or «unlocked», but not who/which user. Is that possible?

I also miss the function of adding/removing users from a distance (remotely).

Any of these things possible with Danalock v3?:face_with_monocle:

Yes it’s possible there are many reasons for it including defective firmware, mesh delays/reordering, your lock firmware isn’t sending that information and more.

You can try this update we recently pushed out to try and fix some of these issues caused by the mesh and some locks. If your lock is sending an out of order event (or your mesh is creating a delay causing an order of event) then this version will fix it

However, if the packet is getting lost in the mesh the only thing you can do it to add a beaming repeater close to your lock to try and avoid packet loss (and the custom DTH will take care of any reordering caused by the repeater). That’s the best you can do.

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Thanks RBoy. I saw the Z-Wave lock overview (I think you made), the Danalock doesn’t support remote adding users or other infos. I’m assuming the notifications and reports of who enters/exits are not supported either regardless of DH?

Were you able to make this work? Got a new lock, got it installed and working. Now added the z-wave module, but can’t find it from the Samsung app. Tried searching for it and also adding it as a generic z-wave device.

See people pointing to @rboy apps but I don’t know what that is.

@rboy is one of several professional developers who are members of this community. He shares a lot of free information here, and also offers access to his custom code for a license fee. In his case, at the time of this writing the fee was $40 per hub for a membership to the entire library. There’s a lot of good stuff in there, including the DTH for the ring keypad second generation, a smart app called LUM which is for lock management, and a lot of other stuff.

It’s a very popular product for those who are OK with paying separate license fees.

There are also free equivalents from other community members for some of these features, you just have to look and see what you like best. @rboy has also done an exceptional job of keeping all of his code up-to-date for the new app, which is not true of all the free versions.

So that’s who he is, what the product is, and here’s where you can find it:

(I don’t have any connection with him or his product other than reading other community members reviews and seeing what he’s posted in this forum. :sunglasses:)

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And ID Lock 150 with zigbee module? Is that something you are looking at ?

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