Add "i:deviceprofiles" permission to personal token

Hello All,

i’m generating a personal token from this link

and i selected all the checkbox for full permission while generating token,

but when i install a device it needs i:deviceprofiles permission and i’ not able to install a device via postman using this Doc

I’m getting 403 error. because my token does not have i:deviceprofiles, so could you please let me know how i can attach this permission to my token.

The documentation states the call is for creating SmartApp managed devices and that it requires an installed app principal, not a personal access token.

Hello @orangebucket Graham Thanks for responding, I already have an app with profileId, installedAppId, locationId, but the api requires a Authorization with i:deviceprofiles, how i can attach the above permission? because without this i got the 403 error code.

So whats should i use for the Authorization Header, Could you please let me know any other way with quick description.

The intention is that the call is made from within a SmartApp connector that has requested the permission, using the access token delivered in the app life cycle events.

I guess you might be able to use the token outside of the SmartApp while it is valid but I’ve never tried.

I’ll flag this for @nayelyz.

Okay if you never tried. but i’m still waiting for final reply.

Hi, @Omprakash_Kumawat.

@orangebucket is right, you can’t create devices using your PAT, it is only for Access Tokens acquired from a SmartApp with the correct scopes, one of which is i:deviceprofiles:*.
The part “I already have an app with profileId, installedAppId, locationId” isn’t clear, do you mean you created a SmartApp in the Developer Workspace?
If so, did you whitelist the corresponding scopes there?

Thanks for the tag, @orangebucket!