Actionable Energy Reporting w/o ST hub? (US WiFi smart plug)

I got mine 2 days ago and unfortunately it does not report energy monitoring within SmartThings Energy :frowning:

But can you use the energy level as the If in a SmartThings routine? That’s what we’re looking for for the purposes of this thread. Thanks!

It does (with the ST Hubv3). Not sure without the Hub.

This plug was very easy to set up, and yes, it does show power usage through the ST to Shelly cloud integration. You can also trigger routines based on power usage. I created a test routine to turn on a light, and it worked very well, turning the light on with no noticeable delay. It also seems like a quality product and is well-built. I assume that the EU version of the plug will work the same way with the cloud integration.


JD was referring to the cloud integration and not pairing this with the Taustin Shelly driver. I read your post in the other thread, and you paired it with that driver and didn’t use the cloud integration.

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So the Shelly plus smart plug (available in many countries, hopefully with the same smartthings features for each model) can be added in the official cloud to cloud integration (no SmartThings/Aeotec hub needed) and presents power monitoring that can be used as the “if” in a smartthings routine. No intermediary or second device needed. And should work for both android and iOS users.

That’s exactly what we were looking for for this specific use case. Thank you very much! :tada:

(if you do not have a Smartthings/Aeotec hub, make sure you get the Wi-Fi version, not the Z wave version.)



They also have versions for several other plug types used in the EU.