Action Tiles questions

First off, my first impression of Action tiles is that it is a Fantastic product!

I was able to quickly get an understanding of the screen building process, and get my first “panel” up and running in a couple hours last night. i do have some question though.

  1. Am I able to “nest” devices so that one tile represents their status? For example I have probably 15 water leak sensors on my house hub. Is there a way to have a tile representing the underlying status of those 15 sensors? That would help clean up screen clutter.

Another question… Is there a way to position tiles on a panel other than stacking them and adding spaces???

Along those lines, is there a way to draw colored outline boxes around groups of devices? Right now I am separating my devices into tiles, but it would be really cool to add a box around a tile to visually separate devices based on function.


Hi Kevin…

The best place to ask ActionTiles questions (and see existing Answers and Feature Requests) is our own Support & Feedback Forum:

We might start answer with a help desk ticket to clarify your questions or help point you to existing answers / requests.

The short answer is that your ideas are great and, to varying degrees, somewhat popular - but ActionTiles is still a young product and company, so our development is very deliberate and focuses on managing our costs and resources, while ensuring stability and reliability and customer growth.

There are some tips and tricks that we and customers have discovered to workaround some missing features on the meantime.

See you over on our Forum!

Thanks!!! I’ll go there

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