Any way to separate devices in to multiple "things"

I have a keypad that has additional functionality on it, including temperature. In order to get to the temperature on my “Things” menu (Classic app), I need to drill in to the keypad.

I’d like to have a keypad thing and an temperature thing on my menu.

Is there a way to split the keypad device in to multiple devices so this can be done?

Tried searching, but I’m not sure what I’m searching for. :slight_smile:


Easiest way is probably using something like ActionTiles instead of the app. It lets you create tiles based on the attributes you’re talking about for easy viewing. As far as the app goes, I haven’t ever heard anyone mention anything like that.

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Yup - ActionTiles lets you create as many Tiles as you want from the same Device.

Just grabbed a random sample from my main Panel which shows 2 Tiles from the Laundry Room Motion Sensor device (1 device: reporting Activity, Temperature, and, in the footer, Battery - though you can also add a separate full-size Battery Level Tile if you wish. That’s often the case for households which build a “battery watch” Panel just full of Battery Level Tiles). Next to that are a couple unrelated Tiles.


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this app supscribes to you device then passes the temp to a simulated device


Very Cool, I hope to play with this soon! Thanks for whipping it up!

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This worked perfectly. I made a few edits to change some of the details, and it’s working great! Thanks again!