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I am trying to determine if I want to buy the ADT Wireless Home Security Starter Kit with DIY Smart Alarm System Hub…HELP!!!

PS-- (Samsung is you’re reading this, the chat function cut me off
last night when I attempted to ask these questions and when I signed
back on, I waited for 10 minutes before calling it quits…So, if you
want me for a customer, you need to do better than this.)

  1. What I absolutely cannot find is how many window/door sensors that I can add to this system. How many?

  2. Also, is it compatible with my Honeywell Pro-series thermostat?

3)I’ve read about how easy this is to install, but the comments
on best buy were mixed. I read about some sensors arbitrarily beeping
in the middle of the night…what does the community say about this? Is this the good deal that it’s purported to be?

Do you know the answer about how many sensors can be added?