Abode Security and SmartThings via IFTTT

I don’t have a need to use contact sensors with both systems. I have locks and motion on ST side and contact and motion on Abode side. If you really need to use both, Abodes IFTTT chanel has the contacts as triggers.

Thanks for the guidance. I’ll likely do the same when I get my Abode system.

Just got around today to set up mode changing via IFTTT through CoRE. What a relief. @ady624 did an awesome job. The Maker is si much faster than ST channel using virtual switches.

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So I am in the happy state of building out a new alarm system. Should I go with Abode or SimpliSafe or other? Sounds like from this thread Abode far outshines the others, from the POV of integrating with others (ST of course, and Alexa, etc.)

If Abode, did I miss something in this thread? Is there a Device Type or something needed to connect Abode and ST? I did not see any code, etc.

@Laguna, did you ever connect Abode to those Aotech Recessed Door Sensors, what’s that process look like? I assume there is a zwave connection action in the Abode head unit?

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Not possible at this time.

I just moved my locks back to Abode. The process is easy, however it can only be done via web not mobile app.


Thanks for the quick reply.

So I guess I just mis-read the thread and filled in the blanks in my own mind assuming Abode and ST connect? That’s too bad (if right). Actually, you mention using IFTTT in your opening post. Is this a ST -> IFTTT -> Abode thing?

Yes, I use ST to arm/disarm and lock doors on ST mode changes via IFTTT (now using CoRE and IFTTT Maker because it has no lag).

Could you use the Universal Device Type to create virtual smoke, leak, motion, lock, etc sensors that can be turned on/off via IFTT. Then the virtual devices would actually control the real devices in ST. Or vice versa.

I have Simplisafe but if I was to start fresh, I would definitely go with Abode. Their technology is far superior, have basic home automation features, they are innovating and integrate with a lot of other platforms. I have even considered junking my Sinplisafe hardware on eBay and switching but can’t justify the costs.

Sinplisafe is very slow to innovate and seem to be content on just being a boring alarm system.

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I tried, but IFTTT cannot handle the fast events. It gets quickly out of sync. I found best that what I can do with contact sensors for lights I could do with locks and motion. And now I even took the locks back to Abode, because ST keeps skipping events. I only rely on motion sensors for lights.

Yessir I did use those recessed door sensors, I still do use them, and they work flawlessly. Truly a great upgrade from the ones that come in the Abode kit for me, because my woodwork is dark stain… so the white ones stick out like a sore thumb (whatever that phrase means).

There is a very simple “add other devices” dialog in the webapp and they immediately paired up.

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So let me regurgitate what I ‘think’ is being said here.

1.) If I wanted to use Abode, I CANNOT use my existing ST contact sensors, locks, and motion sensors to connect to Abode via IFTTT?

You cannot move your existing contact or motion sensors to Abode. You can use your locks with Abode. Not sure what you meant by connecting to Abode via IFTTT. What exactly are you thinking of doing?

I was thinking of purchasing the abode starter pack, but since i already have contact sensors on every main floor window and door, use IFTTT to have a recipe like:

If (ST) contact sensor opens then trigger abode alarm (or whatever their recipe actions are).

Like many, I dont want 2 sensors on all my windows and doors.

Ok, got you, no, you cannot trigger an alarm. You can only trigger mode changes and manage lights. I wouldn’t put the security in the hands of IFTTT though, or even ST.

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Gotcha, thanks.

I would have PM’d you but I just registered and it won’t let me yet. After reading this thread, it seams like you have a lot of experience with Abode and ST. I am brand new here and I have just ordered my Abode. I am doing some research and I have one question. I also bought a schlage connect and I plan on using a ST hub to control that lock. The reason I am not just going to use the Abode to lock the doors and unlock is because it will limit my ability to manage codes remotely. I need to be able to set code schedules for certain days and I want to get an alert when a code is used. The best way I have found to do this is with ST and a lock manager app from GitHub. I was hoping I can use IFTTT to from Abode to also lock door when I arm the Abode system while still using the ST hub to control the lock. Is this possible? I thought you might be able to help. Thanks

@SBDOBRESCU I finally just placed my order for Abode. Is there any advantage of using a Virtual Switch with Smartthings/IFTTT to arm/disarm Abode as compared to just using the native presence sensor capabilities of Abode from their mobile app?

I know one thing is when I turn off my TV via Harmony, it puts the home in Standby mode in Simplisafe. I can do that with IFTTT and Abode…

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Congrats on making the switch. 'bout time :slight_smile: … I used webCore to sync modes between Abode and SmartThings, I am not a fan of virtual switches.

You can certainly do the Harmony/Abode iftttt recipe to set your home to stand by.


Thanks. Do you mind sharing your piston restore codes with me? I’d like to take a look.