Abode’s Iota Security System Launches—Without HomeKit

Well this is disappointing. In spite of being named the most exciting new HomeKit accessory at this year’S CES show in January, Abode’s second-generation security hub is finally being released: without HomeKit compatibility. :disappointed_relieved:

Another lesson to never believe what companies announce “will be coming“ - – buy products for what they do today.

I’d been looking forward to this one as initially described as it might have worked with both HomeKit and smartthings (via IFTTT). But apparently not.


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Is this the one that has zwave and zigbee compatibly? I did see all Netatmo devices are HK compatible now.

Yes, Iota Has both zigbee and Z wave Plus its own proprietary protocol used for the security devices. It’s a limited set of devices, though. And in the previous generation you were also limited in the total number of devices you could have (I haven’t checked the details of the iota plan). But it had some other cool features and there are some community members who have used abode for security and smartthings for home automation and IFTTT to get some integration between the two.

Up to 160 devices and up to 100 automations

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Apparently they’re still working on it. But as you said, don’t purchase based on the future.


Sounds like Sensibo. They have been talking about HomeKit compatibly all year… I don’t know what kind of hoops Apple are making companies jump through to get approved, but they must be pretty nasty.

It seems to more be a matter of the engineering required to support the advanced encryption protocols.

Companies with bridges usually have the horsepower to make it work, which is why Hue, WeMo, Lutron, Logitech’s Pop Button, August, and Chamberlain all got their integrations done. Honeywell’s Lyric security system also added a successful integration. But while raccio was able to retrofit their generation three sprinklers, they’ve said that their generation two sprinklers just don’t have enough memory.

As far as abode, we know they could do it, because they demoed it at CES. My guess is that they can’t do it and meet their target price point.

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