On/Off Switch for Recirculating Water Pump

First of all, hello everyone as it’s my first post in the forums :slight_smile:

I need some help and advice regarding an On/Off/Timer switch for a Recirculating Water Pump, that is linked to the floor heating. The pump is a Wilo RS15/6 with peak power rated at 93W and 0,40A. Currently it’s using a standard EU plug and I just plug it in the socket and that’s about it, the pump starts immediately, and in order to turn it off I have to remove the plug, as a standard appliance.

I want to add a switch so I can control the on/off/timer and maybe see the power consumption.
I am using a ST V3 hub, and ALL of my switches, sensors and bulbs are Zigbee, but I don’t mind Zwave if it fixes the “problem”.

Can anyone recommend a reliable and safe switch that could control the pump?

I attached a pic with the pump, maybe it helps.

Thank you :slight_smile: