A smarter version of smart timer?

Hi guys,

Just wondering if anyone could point me at a smart app that will do what I want. The smart timer app from smartthings isn’t all that clever.

Basically my garden lights come on at sunset and off at 11:00pm… What I want is to set up a rule that between 23:00 and sun rise, if the back door or garden room door opens, then the lights will turn on for 5 minutes.

Smart timer lacks the ability to define a time range (or lux level for that matter) for the rule to be active… Bit of an oversight for a lighting app!

Cheers for any help.

Create a new automation under Smart Lighting

Turn lights on when either door opens, off after 5 minutes, rule runs only 23:00–>sunrise.

You could also do it with CoRE, but it’s a simple one for Smart Lighting…

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I had missed that you need the “turn off when closed” tab ticked to then initiate the timing option in smart lighting. The timer isn’t visible until you have selected that… That’s why I thought I needed to use the smart timer app instead.


I have a similar, but not so similar, issue. I want a routine that, on my command, turns on smart outlet One, then waits 5 seconds, then turns on smart outlet Two, then waits 5 more seconds, then turns on smart outlet Three.

I want a second routine that turns them off with the same timing, in reverse order: outlet Three turns off, 5 seconds later outlet Two turns off, 5 seconds after that outlet One turns off.

I want to do this from my iPad, not from android (where of course Tasker would make it easy). Any ideas?

It’s straightforward to do with a daisy-chain and a few virtual switches, you just have to be careful setting it up to make sure you get exactly the right sequence that you want. See the following post.

Take a look at CoRE that the guys here have developed too…

It’s an extremely powerful smart app that can do pretty much whatever you would want as far as I can tell! I do everything that I can in smartlighting so that I can keep as much of that local as possible, but when I have run into things that need more detail in the rules CoRE fills the gap.

You can add a do this, then wait, then do this, then wait, then do this function in CoRE.