A little help here please. Sensors just say open all the time. (UK)

hi ive got a hive contact sensor and 2 aqara contact sensors ive got all 3 connected to my hub but non of them will change status they just say open all the time. anyone have any tips?

Personally I do not have Hive stuff so cannot really help with that.
I have the Xiaomi contact sensors which are the same as the aqara and mine work OK.
Just some basic questions.
Are you using A4refills DTH’s?
Can you see anything on the recently tab of the ST app?
Can you see anything in the ide’s logs?

@bobbles thanks for the reply
yeah i believe im using A4refills DTH’s
no not seeing anything on the recents tab
where are the ide logs (is that the desktop smartthings thing)

sorry im still pretty new to alot of this.

Here;s the url for the ide.

You can then click on logs to see what’s is reporting etc.
You can also look at the devices and you should see the ‘type’ which tells you what DTH you are using for each device. Click on update at the bottom to change this if you need to.
Also if you click on device handlers you will see what you have loaded.
I’m betting that if you do not know the url for the ide, then you haven;t loaded the DTH’s that you need.
One step at a time.
Can you see anything in Devices, Smartapps or Device Handlers?

Just looked @bobbles I’m logged into my ide that’s where I loaded the device handlers. Under type it says xiaomi aqara door/window sensor.

Thats good.
Are you seeing anything in the logs?

@bobbles live logs are empty looking in events im not seeing anything from the sensors niether

You could try re-pairing them again i suppose.
I’ve not had issues so I don’t know.
Have you read the Xiaomi threads?
This should keep you going. :slight_smile:

@bobbles thanks for your help. ill have another read through the threads. ive repaired few times now with no luck.
thanks again

Definitely check out that thread for help. These devices are notorious for dropping off the Zigbee network after a few hours, but I think some have found a way around it with some special pairing process.

No problem.
I don’t seem to have many issues with my setup with any type of device. (ST motion sensors aside).
Just lucky I guess.