A couple questions from an Iris user

I’m admittidly very new to smartthings. I’m an iris convert, and my new hub is being delivered today. My interntion is to put it on the bench and start learning.

If the internet is down will Smartthings still process “rules”??? For example if the internet is down and a smoke detector goes off will it still sound my siren?

Can I have more than one hub??? For example I want a smartthings hub on my boat and at my house. Probably at the house I’ll go with the ADT hub, but I’m not sure yet.

I see references to external software like “scout” in the same thought as alarming. Can someone explain that???


It depends. If you’re using a device that is natively supported by ST and a native smartapp like smart lighting, then probably. If you’re using any custom code, then you’ll need the cloud for it to function. Once you’re set up, you can log in to the IDE at account.smartthings.com to see what in your setup is executing locally and what requires the cloud.


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Welcome! :sunglasses: There was just a detailed discussion this morning on the ADT model hub versus the other models for security purposes. You will probably find that interesting. (The topic title is a clickable link)

Scout Is a third-party professional monitoring service which has an official integration with smartthings. Note that this was set up before the ADT hub model was released. Scout is quite limited compared to the ADT model ( for one thing, it can’t monitor for smoke alarms while The ADT model can) , but those differences are detailed in the FAQ link I gave you in my previous post.

Here’s the official smartthings support base article on the scout integration:

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I’ll be playing with the regular hub for the boat, and then getting the ADT model for the house, along with ADT compatible sensors.

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