500: Internal Server Error URI when updating echo speaks device handler

500: Internal Server Error / URI /ide/device/doRepoUpdates / Reference Id 759c8daf-cada-429a-804e-0b339ad9eaf0
Thats the error i get for trying to update echo speaks, can someone give a hand?

Those reference IDs can only be looked up by SmartThings staff. In the future I’d recommend reaching out via support.smartthings.com with your reference.

However, I was able to take a look this time. Can you try updating the device handler again? I believe it will work this time.

Sorry i took so long, had to do a few things. No, it doesn’t work.

Are you trying to install the WS device?

I swear people don’t read anything before they just dive in.
I’m moving the file in todays update so this will stop happening

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