433MHZ RF Sensors Addon

I wanted to see what your suggestions are and how anyone would like a 433mhz receiver. I have built one for my own personal use but i wanted to open source the code and manufacture the boards with a case for consumers. The idea is to have pre-existing sensors added or be able to add affordable sensors that usually sell for under $5/each

My dev board is a little big right now but i can get it to under 1" in width and 2" height.
I also added a siren to my setup, but was considering the need/want for one on a consumer board.

How i want it to fully operate:
-You plugin the device
-Open a a wifi compatible device and scan for a new network created, connect to it and it redirects you to a browser to configure the wifi settings.
-Click on find new devices. It gets discovered by smartthings hub. You add the device.
-You press a button on the device to add subdevices (sensors). This places the device into a discovery mode.
-You set off the sensor to get it added, It saves it in memory and shows up to smart things.
-To delete, you simply delete from smartthings app and it removes it from the device memory.
-You wont be able to delete the siren since its is physically attached

Take a look at my project here on my blog where you can see a fully operational video. https://blog.silocitylabs.com/post/2018/02/05/433mhz-more-things-for-smart-things/

Let me know what you think about the idea, also if you like it or not. I may do a small kickstarter to get this going.


For like controlling fans?

Very interested in this, would like to replicate project @ldrrp

nowadays i use espurna+sonoff RF bridge.
i was using RFLink before. before that i used rc-switch+esp8266

i believe smartthings community would benefit from a turnkey RF solution.

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@ldrrp have you made any further progress on this? Is there anything you can share?
Also wanted to know if you looked at 433Mhz support in @ogiewon’s ST_Anything project for this. I am thinking about getting these

This is a fantastic idea, more info would be welcome.

Hey, I would love to buy one of these (do you have an ebay shop)? I just need it to detect 433 and behave like a contact sensor in smartthings.

Otherwise, is there a Device Handler for a Sonoff RF bridge running espurna?

+1 this convo. I have an older existing alarm system with lots or 433 mhz sensors that I would love ST to talk to.

Is there any progress on this project? i’ve been watching the thread for quite a while and i can’t wait for this to be completed so i can integrate all of my cheapo motion sensors with ST.

I have been trying to get an investor to help push this into production boards. Right now the code is all done but my current boards would be too expensive to bring to end users if i had them made one off or 10 at a time.

How about publishing a guide on how to make the boards ourselves and releasing the code on GitHub? Sure it won’t be as convenient as buying a pre-made board but it’ll do the job for the people that are interested :slight_smile:

Also if you’re looking to get the boards into production i’ve heard https://www.pcbway.com/ is quite a good option for small-scale projects and not too expensive.

Do you have step by step instruction… Ok i will install espurna to rf bridge . but how to integrate with hub. Can you help me with that?