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4 way Smart Switch?


In case anyone else is looking for a switch to fit the same 4-way set-up, we just released the new Zooz S2 switches that would accommodate that (you only need one Zooz switch per set-up and no add-ons):

(Gonzalo Parra) #22

Hi @TheSmartestHouse, could you please explain all the differences in between the ZEN21/22 and ZEN26/27?

Also, what is the color of the led on these devices, are all the same?



Sure, we’ll have the Zooz team prepare a comparison chart for both on/off and dimmer switches and will post it here within a day or so. Quick answer on the LED indicator - it’s white for ZEN26/ZEN27 for the pre-release production run. We’re gathering user feedback before we decide if we want to go back to blue or keep the white. Any thought are welcome!


Here are the comparison charts:

On Off Switches:

Dimmer Switches:

Let us know if anything is missing!

(Gonzalo Parra) #25

Thanks! Exactly what I was looking for. I like the blue on the 21/22 and seems better for people adding on to an existing install and keeping the same look all around.

I installed Leviton (green led) for all my light switches/dimmers and wanted to use these for fan switches in the bathrooms, the difference in color will actually distinguish light from fan. Leviton’s do not have S2 either anyway so I think I’ll go with 21s…

SmartThings does not support S2 yet either but I understood from @Kianoosh_Karami they are working on adding it.


This past week I installed about a dozen ZEN26 switches, replacing a bunch of GE/Jasco switches with blue LEDs, and I can say that I very much prefer the look of the white LEDs and which also matches the white LED of the Homeseer switches I haven’t yet replaced.


Thanks for the feedback! Based on messages from other users, we’ve decided to stick to the blue LED though. Most of our team likes the look of the white LED better as well but we found that our customers like to keep a consistent look between all switches and since most of them already have either one of our old models or a GE model which also comes with a blue LED, we gave in :slight_smile: we still have some switches with white LED available on the website though and will be setting some aside for on-demand orders. But the wide release, including Amazon, will feature the old blue LED.


A mistake I insist-- white is so much sexier!

This is the danger of path dependency. May I suggest you order a small quantity of blue LED for your existing customer base that may add or replace a light switch or two in the next 10 years, and give all your new 4- & 5-way switch customers the nicer white LED option.

For those who have never seen the white light, it’s a soft, white light, not a harsh bright white.


or how about a RGB light that is configurable!


Oh boy, I wonder what kind of cost this would add. Still if it was a $1 upcost, it would add lots of DTH possibilities (Red when OFF, White when ON, etc)