3way switch help

I have the following type of 3 way switch. Is there a way to repurposed one of the wires to use as a neutral for the add on switch? I was able to wire the master switch correctly but am having trouble with the slave since there was no neutral run to the box.

Bundle all white wires together in your master box. Also include a short pigtail for your master switch. This will get neutral to your aux and master.

Find the black wire in the 14-2 Romex from breaker and hook up to line on master switch.

Find the black wire in the 14-2 Romex to your fixture and hook up to load on master switch.

Hook up the red wire from your 14-3 Romex that goes to your Aux switch to traveler on your master.

Find the black wire in this same 14-3 Romex and put a cap on it since you no longer need it.

In your Aux switch box cap the black wire as it’s no longer needed then red to traveler and white to neutral

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Thanks, this worked perfectly

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