3rd Party Sensor - Eva Logik Zwave Products

Hi Im new to smartthings,

May I know if anyone can test or installed Evalogik Sensors in smartthings without having a special code / programming? meaning its plug and play? im looking for door/window sensor, power outlet, smoke detector and their camera as well. my hub is US frequency and their products support US frequency as well.

Please let me know, because im looking for cheaper brand than samsung sensors.

thanks in advance.

I don’t see anyone selling them outside of China yet, not even Gearbest, but they are certified on the US frequency so you should be able to get basic functionality out of the box, although you might have to change the device type handler.

They don’t look like they have any advanced features, but if they do, then you might need a custom device type handler to access those features.

As far as inexpensive options, there are a number of choices depending on how inexpensive you need them to be.

The least expensive are probably the Xiaomi brand, which can cost as little as $10 each. They are zigbee, but not actually zigbee certified, so they can be a little eccentric. But there are a number of community members using them successfully.

You can ask more questions in the following thread (this is a clickable link), those are the people who are using the Xiaomi devices.