3 way Setup for Fan and Light Control?

So I have a ceiling that can be controlled from two sets of 2 switches. So in each location there is a switch for the fan and then another for the light. I would like to convert these to smart switches. I know for the light I would just need a regular switch and then an add on. But how do I make the fan control work? Would it also just be a fan control switch and then an add on? Or would I need two fan control switches? The house was just built 2 years ago so netural wires should exist just about everywhere.

You would need One Light switch off/on or a dimmer if you have the capability and you would need one for fan control. Just install and include on your hub and it should work also you can find some device handler in the community forum. Such as the one below and there are other.

GE Ceiling Fan Switch Custom Device Type - Low, Med, High buttons w/no slider!

I understand I need a switch for fan control, and then another for the light, but what about the 2nd set of switches that also control the fan/light?

Per Jasco web site, the Add-on switches are compatible with fan control switches, same as the light switches.


Ah ok, I must have missed that. So I just need to get 1 Fan Control, 1 On/off and 2 Add-ons.

Thanks for the information.

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Yep that’s the ticket.

In the US and Canada, this is called a “three-way“ set up, 2 switches and the light.

In the UK, this is called a “two-way” set up, because they just count the number of switches.

Since you were talking about GE switches, I’ve fixed the topic title to match the US terminology. I think that way it will be clearer to people what you are asking about. :sunglasses:

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And the nice thing about GE add on switches is you can control the dim/speed from the aux switch. Super convenient.

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