3 Way Not Working - Please Help!

Sorry, if this has been brought up before. I looked through the community, but could not find a topic that covers my situation. And now, I am not even in a zwave problem. My lights now refuse to power on even with a regular switch. If anyone’s run into this, please help

So here’s the situation (all terminals were tested with a multimeter)
Switch 1 (that has the line coming in)

  1. Black is line
  2. Red traveler
  3. Grey Traveler
  4. Ground (bare copper)

Switch 2 (this has the load; 4 recessed lights)

  1. All the wires the same as Switch 1
  2. A white neutral that was capped with a wire nut

So when I started to install, I didn’t realize that Switch 1 didn’t have a neutral. My house is only about 5 years old and as per code, the neutral should have been there (as I was told by an electrician).
I had already plugged in the Add-On Switch in Switch 2 when I realized that Switch 1 (where the zwave master would have gone) did not have a neutral.
At this point, I thought of going back to the original switches and did so, but when I turned the power back on, the lights wouldn’t turn on. My voltmeter shows the voltage on the load terminal and one of the travelers based on how I flip the switch.
I am perplexed as to how the load terminal has voltage but the bulbs aren’t powered on. From what I have read, this could be because of an ‘open circuit’ and high resistance. Any ideas on how I can test if that is the case? Or if there could be something else that I need to check.
One other thing, the breaker is fine, because in the box where Switch 2 is, there is another switch that powers a light and that is working fine when I turn the breaker on!

You sure the grey isn’t a white that they attempted to color black? These diagrams helped me find my right situation and then determine how to re-wire

I don’t think so. Are you thinking that they used the white as a traveler?
My immediate concern is why the same set up as before (with the dumb switches) not working.

White is sometimes marked with black to indicate it’s hot. Also, z wave 3 way switches are not wired the same as dumb 3 way switches. The aux switch doesn’t have a black wire attached to it at all.