3 Switches same lights what switches do I need?

I have a group of lights controlled by 3 switches. I am looking ro replace the switches with zwave switches. Looking to understand which switches I need to purchase (3 ways or regular switches and I don’t want dimming). I have replaced all my other switches with Linear 3 Way Dimmers and everything is working awesome with my ST Hub.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

also use 3-ways. The only difference is that your primary switch should be an on/off instead of a dimmer. For example:

Then you’d need two aux switches:

(You could also use a GE/Jasco primary on/off and then 2x GE/Jasco 3-way aux’s – assuming the wiring would work out for you.)

Any idea how to associate the 3 way with the switch? Using Linear wt00z and ws15z.

I haven’t done it myself, but my understanding is that you need something like the aeon “minimote.” That will give you access functionality to “associate” the accessory switch to the primary.