3 outlets for fan only need 2 well really 1 but I digress

Ok so this has always been crazy to me since I bought the house. In the living room there is two switches one for the fan and one for the light. Then by the back door there is one for the fan, outside porch, outside flood, and fan for the fireplace. Then by the entrance to the hallway/foyer there is one switch for the fan. Call me crazy but all those should be for the light and maybe that was the intent but wired to work the fan only. My question is can I eliminate one? The single switch does not have a nutruel and we know that’s required. The other two do. And I don’t need to turn my fan on and off from 3 different positions in one room. Can I wire nut the two wires together and put a blank cover on the box? I spent all weekend changing out switches and did not tackle this one. The others I got lucky as the wire was run for nutruel but it was not connected at the light. So I took out the lights (needed to replace the kitchen one with a LED light anyway) and took down a fan to connect those wires so I can use the switches.

If those are on and off switches for the fan, you may have a 4 way switch going on. A 4 way switch is a special switch that goes between two three way switches. This enables you to turn on and off the fan / light from multiple locations.

If you want to remove a switch, you will want to find that 4 way switch (the one with four terminals) to connect the two three way switches to each other directly as how a three way switch works.

This is from what I know but I’m not a professional so as always, be careful when working with electricity.

Yeah found the 4 way switch is the lone one with no nutreul. Now just have to find out what I need to do to eliminate that switch and make it a three way.

Can you draw a diagram?

No don’t know how. I know two of them have three wires while the one alone has 4.