3 - axis data on the multi purpose sensor tile is no longer available

3 - axis data on the multi purpose sensor tile is no longer available on stock multipurpose sensor device handler.

Was this intentional from ST to save battery on sensor or they dropped it by accident. Stock handler normally has been working well. I like to incorporate it to see if it can be used to see if a door is open or closed without installing the magnet. I am using device handler called “Smartsense Smart Sensor”

Any recommended developer device handler?

Edited as @pizzinini is correct the Device Handler should say: “smartsense…” for the official handler.

Maybe this is an Android issue… It works for me on iOS.

Are you using a custom device type? The tiles in your pictures are in a different order than on the standard type on iOS… (Also, there is no refresh tile)

The device type I am using is “SmartSense Garage Door Multi”. I don’t see “Multipurpose Sensor” in the standard list.

“SmartSense Multi Sensor” is what I am using. It is not a custom handler. (I mistyped the name in original post it as “multipurpose sensor” Which was my name given and not the type. Type is “Smartsense Multi Sensor”. I will correct my original post as well.

Thank you for the update as well.

Thank you for the reply. I use the “SmartSense Multi Sensor” as the device. Sorry I mis typed the sensor type, which is not I corrected in the original post. Sensor is actually a ST Multi Purpose Sensor. I do remember previously showing 3-axis values on the tile. However they don’t show up anymore.

We did remove the value tile from the DTH. We did so because raw data is generally useless for customers. We might replace it down the line with a more meaningful data point. The data is still available to SmartApps though.

Can anyone point me to a custom device where this information is shown, so that I can try to understand, how the x,y,z numbers change, depending on position of the sensor, so that I can incorporate these values in my detection, of if a door is open or close for example without the magnet being mounted.

You could log the values in the IDE using a SmartApp :slight_smile:

i"m on iOS and mine used to show the x,y,z numbers, but they are not there now. I have the correct device type as well.


but I guess no stranger than all my rules that stopped working today.

I had issues with 3 (out of 15) sensors, all the new curvy type too.

Just delete and re-add and the data comes back.

As for understanding the axis data, that’s a little harder.

I am experimenting now (reasons i am trawling for any info) with mine, i will try to report back what i have found. There have been lots of complaints of odd readings depending on how the sensor is positioned and the way gravity pulls and inertia flicks the sensor.