Steinel XLED home 2 Floodlight

Seen this on Vesternet (UK):

Anyone here used Steinel products with Smartthings? Thier stuff looks interesting and I’ve seen several posts in the past asking about connected floodlights.

Hi @Amardeep, did you try these in the end?
I’d be interested in any feedback as I too need some UK z-wave floodlights.

Unfortunately not, I just haven’t got round to thinking about it. I use Hue in the house and understand Philips is releasing Hue floodlights, so that looks interesting too.

Hi guys,

I got three of these from Vesternet and actually they’re very good. The light given off is easily as good as the 500W security lamps they replaced, but much wider reaching as the diffuser they’ve used is really good at spreading the light out. The motion sensors includes don’t feed SmartThings when connected to the Hub, but they do feed information about external light levels in lux. The lights present as just a simple Z-Wave Relay which means that none of the additional features (such as how long the lights stay on for) can’t be configured as they can with the proprietary app (smart friends or something rubbish like that). However, they have suited my purposes very well as I wanted a light I was able to control but that also would automatically switch on like the security lamps they replaced. It’s a pity that the PIR sensor doesn’t report as well as this would tempt me to write a device handler, but the relay capability seems pretty good. I just need to get my Z-Wave network reliably working again as the hub seems to be really struggling lately.

Worth buying though I’d say; particularly if you go for the triple pack and save a bit.

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Very interesting - I installed these about a month ago and have never been able to get them to pick up in SmartThings.

I echo what you say about them being great lights but if I can’t control some the settings then I’m ultimately going to take them down and replace them with a Outdoor Hue/Outdoor Hue Motion combo.

RE: The device handler, I did manage to find XML here:

I’ve never built a Device Handler, is it easy to take that information and adapt something else to suit the XLED Home 2 XLs?

So I put them in Inclusion Mode by turning the Z Wave dial to SET and then quickly back to 0 again. Jump in to the SmartThings app and then add the device by clicking the + (I always use the Classic app). It presented as a Z Wave Relay but I’m able to toggle the switch manually. The device handler question is probably one better placed for a real developer rather than a tinker like me. I’ve only tried once but had to refer to a lot of others to pick the bits of code I wanted (not really cutting it myself).

Ultimately, I’d buy them again but hopefully someone a bit better with this sort of thing will code up a proper device handler for them. It’s a shame the company are trying to push their pants app rather than making better integration with more mainstream systems.

Hi, did you ever manage to take this any further? I’m excited about the possibilities, bought the kit, done lots of reading around the subject, but not making any progress?

As a side note, I ended up using the Hue Floodlight trailed by @Amardeep for simplicity and hoped-for brand reliability, though it has no motion sensor and is not cheap.

Did you ever build the device handle for the Steinel light?

I didn’t, realised having the sensor on the floodlight itself didn’t work out for me (footfall close to the end of my drive).

Ended up with the Hue Spotlights and a Hue Motion Sensor pointing back towards my drive/garage. Practically worked better for me.

If you want to set the parameters not supported by the default device handler automaticcaly assigned by Smartthings (“Zwave Device Multichannel” here), just switch to the Zwave tweaker device from .

With that I could easily set the “Time” (Duration of light after motion detection) from the default 3 minutes to 30 seconds.

A dedicated Device Handler would certainly be nice, but Tweaker is totally sufficient I think. If I find some time I might try to write a device handler. Just out of interested and to get into it.

Can you show screen shots of the in app parameters configuration?