2gig go, and gen 2 iris sensors

Im looking to add a 2gig go panel to my house, I have smart things but would like to make it easier on the GF to be able to set the “alarm” I have all gen2 iris sensors, I wanted to make sure they are compatible with it.

If you’re asking if the Gen 2 Iris sensors are compatible with the gig 2 control panel, unfortunately no, they are not.

If you’re asking if the gig 2 control panel is compatible with SmartThings, not very.

Most people would use either the very popular smarttiles on a inexpensive wall mount android tablet for this. You can customize exactly which tiles appear and what colors are used.


Or possibly even just the eight button remotec, which is very small, about the size of an individual light switch, and allows for tap, double tap, and long press on each button giving you 24 control options.

Either of these work very well with SmartThings.

Thanks that’s what I was looking for.

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