2GIG GC3 security / control panel

Quick couple of questions. New to this and reading but maybe someone will have a quick answer

I want to build a security system. I have a vendor at work and I can get the 2GIG GC3 security & home control kit for little under $350. Includes Panel, 3 door/window contacts, passive ir motion detector, and key ring remote.

I will be adding a few more z wave door/window sensors and smoke/co2 detectors which this system can handle 100 zones so that’s way more zones than needed.

1 - Is this all I need to have it tell me when a door is opened (i.e. "ding dong - “front door open” “master door open”, etc) so I can tell when my 3yr old opens a door?
2 - Do I need an external speaker I can’t tell is panel has a speaker built in?
3 - Can I add cameras to this system to record when presence detected?

It looks as I can add an external siren for alarm so if a break in alarm with sound, video will be taken, and my phone would be notified.

All I need now is an alarm if break in when not home, when home Springfield XD has that covered, Notification, when my kid runs out front door lol, most important, is master bedroom door as it leads to pool.

Just my opinion and others will chime in but ST is not reliable enough for a home security system.
I would get all the door & window sensors from 2GIG GC3 for a secure system

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Plan on getting all 2gig gc3 sensors as they carry them too for about $20 each. Isn’t bad price.

Just want to be able to access it all via my phone if that would work. I’m new and dropping 300-400 I wanna make sure it will work that way.

2gig run the security. ST for viewing and status

This seems to be the new SmartThings/ADT touchscreen security hub…

Anyone using the GC3 now as a SmartThings interface? Some questions…
-can it operate as a secondary controller with ST hub being the primary?
-can it arm/disarm Smart Home Monitor?
-chimes and siren accessible as devices?