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220V Smart Plug (620pr)


(Daniel) #1

Hi all–I am looking for a 220V smart plug that will work with my wall mounted air conditioner. Ideally, I would just be able to plug and play rather than hard wiring directly. Ultimately, I would like to turn the plug on and off based on the temperature in my apartment (I have a smart thermometer that hooks up to my smartthings). I have yet to find a smart plug that works with 220V. Has anyone come across this product? I am in the US if that is helpful.


Unfortunately, there are no SmartThings-compatible plug and play devices of this type for that voltage in the US.

There are a number of different hardwired options you can consider, including in the wall micros that fit inside the existing receptacle. But they would require wiring.

(Paul) #3

Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t the older model Aeon Labs switch support up to 240v? I’m in Australia and have three switches running various devices for a few years now with no issues and we run off 240v. I have a US hub v1 so have to use US frequency Z-wave and before you tell me off JD, I know I could be breaking some local laws! :grin:


The one sold in the US is only rated 120 V and 15 A. And it doesn’t have the right kind of plug to plug into a US 220 V outlet, which has a different pin configuration for just that reason.

Unfortunately, in the US there are not any pocket socket of that voltage that will work with SmartThings. ( there is one very old X 10 unit, but getting that to work SmartThings would be a whole separate project and add both cost and complexity.)

(Jake ) #5

I found one solution: That’s expensive, in my opinion, so I would love any other recommendations.