220v Dryer suggestions. Using Aeotec HEM?

FWIW worth, a quick search on Aeon energy meter related topics…


And this thread about using the clamps separately:

Lots of info here, linking to a post where Mike Maxwell provides a link to his DTH

Link to the modified version of Mike Maxwell’s DTH that I created…a few posts lower I have some updated webCore pistons I use for washer/dryer notifications including a looping reminder that makes use of door sensors on the washer and dryer.

What am I supposed to clamp? Neutral or Hot? Or it doesn’t matter?

Which is the larger end on the polarized plug? Always forget.

@Danabw I am having lots of problems with using this in webcore. Is there a way to change this DTH around to use it for energy alerts on each clamp?

In webcore, it’s not giving me a notification that it’s done but I can simulate a dryer wattage change to 0 with another piston and it gives me the notification.

search is your friend

I’m using that DTH. It was suggested in this thread.

than not sure what you are asking… it does separate the clamps… and turns on a switch when either washer or dryer is done… you should be checking for that switch in the smartapp not the energy

Sorry to dig this up-

I’ve been trying a few options but had no luck. Reading several of the threads I may not be alone.

Using the device handler mentioned I can get we webcore to log output of individual sensors but for some reason I can’t get it to alert on them as if they were separate.

Does anyone have any recommendations? My washer and dryer “idle” at 6watts when off and don’t drop below 15 when running so I think it’s stable and predictable enough

Thanks in advance

Here I use a power plug (EU) that measures the power consumption.

The smart app that detects power on & off is “Better Laundry Monitor” from tierneykev (Kevin Tierney).

Link the app with the Thing that measures the power used.

When the dryer or washing machine is running and power consumption is eg 15 Watt it triggers the start of the cycle.

Power consumption below 6 Watt will trigger the end of the cycle. Then a push msg and optional a text msg will be sent.

I have 2 of those plugs, one for the dryer and one for the washing machine.

The dryer I use is a low power, low temperature condens dryer (heat pump).

The smart app can be configured for the on and off power values you want.

Grtn Ben

Cheap Neo CoolCam power plug (EU Z-Wave)