[2021] Ikea Battery Powered Devices Roundup

@Geoffs I have been going nuts thinking it was me and i’ve just had dud batteries, thanks for confiming i’m not crazy.

I am also using the ikea (5 button in Australia) when over the last 6 months battery life went from months, weeks to now days. Love the speed and functionality but not when battery only lasts a few days to < 1 week.

My firmware details are

  • Current Version: 0x23014631
  • Target Version: 0x23014631

I have tired checking the firmware update via ST IDE with no luck.

@JDRoberts Thanks in advance if you could help me understand how a device falls into this continous fireware update cycle? Is it time based? or would the hub send a command to the device causing it to continuously broadcast the firmware update message??

My basic understanding is to overcome I would purchase Ikea hub, unpair from ST, then pair with the ikea hub, then update firmware then repair with ST? :neutral_face: