200 Device limit - How to proceed from here?

Right now im at 190 devices and have a lot more on my to-do-list. Soon i will move to a new, bigger house and no way i can stay below the 200 device limit. My plan was to buy a v3 hub (have a v2 right now) and start from scratch. Untill i noticed the device limit is now 200.

Theres other topics about this same problem. But i did not find a solution other than delete as many virtual devices as possible. How did you guys handle this problem? To me it seems that 200 devices (including virtual switches) is not enough to automate a whole house.

Also the information from Smartthings is limited on this subject. Will the limit stay 200? And for how long? Why not atleast offer a paid subscription to extend it, or let us buy a 2nd hub like hue does. Will there be a v4 hub with a higher device limit?

I really would love to stay with smartthings. Everything works perfectly, and the community is great. Plus i really do not want to start with a whole new system. But if smartthings simply doesnt allow me to automate my whole house i will be forced to switch to Hubitat for example?

Would love to get some advise

Seems the latest Apps have ditched this. Android is ok now, iOS will come later…

Also, the limit was never introduced in the iOS app… only the android app .

So the staff member says he knows about the 200 limit and they will work on it as if its a mistake or something. I do not know what to do with that information.

Heres a link saying theres a 200 limit written by smartthings.

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That would be great if thats true. Is there an office notice about this?
All official info i can find theres a 200 device limit.

I don’t know if it helps any, but the limit is 200 devices per location, not per account. You can have up to 10 locations per account.

What I don’t know is if it’s currently possible to create an automation with devices from different locations or not. :thinking:

@John010 The 200 device limit is based on the mobile device. As of yesterday, the limit has been removed for IOS devices and Android devices will probably have this removed in the next update.

@smartthings, @blake.arnold & @Automated_House can you confirm this please?

Again, the limit was never introduced in the iOS app :slight_smile:

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@jkp Thank you for the clarification! I thought there was a limit, but there was also a workaround by adding more through the all devices menu.

@smartthings please fix the reply to specific answer to a post in the community! This is driving me crazy!

A staff member had commented that this was an arbitrary limit enforced within the mobile client and that they had passed the feedback internally to raise/remove it.

Where do you guys find this information? Is there any official announcement about this?
So far the only thing official i can find is smartthings saying theres a 200 device limit. And thats still live on their site right now. So please share where i can read there is no device limit anymore.

Also i keep hearing the limit is per mobile device. Smartthings says its per location. Im really confused here.

Is there maybe any staff member who can clear this up? Is there a limit? What is the limit? And is it an app limit or location limit? I simply want to know how many devices i can add to Smartthings before buying v3 hub. I need to be 100% sure i wont reach some limit when im halfway adding and installing devices for days. There must be someone who has a clear answer on this.

While that’s true, individual staff members have made similar statements in the past in the forum about other features that then were never followed through on, for whatever reason. Being able to individually authorize devices to the voice assistants is one example.


Just passing a tip or suggestion does not mean anything. Maybe they decide they will not do it. All he says is he will forward the message. No promises being made. But Andremain just mentioned they actually did remove it. Dont know if its true or not, dont know if that also means no 200 limit per location.

The limit is enforced by the mobile app, which is why it’s currently applied in the Android version but not the iOS version, but it applies to the location.

So it’s definitely been confusing, but it’s not actually a contradiction.

It says ’ A Location can have up to 200 devices.’ on the site. Unless this is old or incorrect it means there still is a 200 limit. No matter what mobile device you use.

Thank you rboy. I know and it has been lifted on ios. Has anyone tested android?

I don’t believe that the iOS client ever implemented this arbitrary limit, it was an Android client issue AFAIK

Here it is.

As I said, the limitation is enforced by the app. Not set by it.

The limitation is new in the last year and there were already existing accounts with more than 200 devices on one location. Nothing was done to force those to drop the ones above that number, so it’s not a technical limitation. Just a decision someone made and enforced by the app not letting you add more once you had 200.

But there was an undocumented workaround: one of the pages in the app apparently didn’t check the total and you could still add a 201st (or 256th) device from that page. But not the main page. This was true in both the Android and iOS versions.

Then…recently the Android version was updated and the workaround stopped working. But that didn’t happen in the iOS version. And older versions of the Android app still had the workaround.

So the 200 device limit per location is announced, but not enforced (yet) by all versions of the app, and if you can use the workaround in one of the versions of the app that allows it, the extra devices are then available in the IDE and automations.

So the limit is posted, like a speed limit sign, but not all traffic cops (app versions) have been enforcing it.

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That does not say its lifted. It says they are working on it.
And what if they lift the restriction in the app. Still they say a location is limited to 200. Only conclusion is that the app can have 201 devices as long the 1 device is on a second location. Or am i missing something here?