20% off SmartThings products on Amazon

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The official smartthings store also has 20% off everything using code: MD20 until 6/4 in case anyone missed it…

The kicker is the discount is ONLY on SmartThings BRANDED items, not OFF EVERYTHING in the online stores! Just like Smartthings marketing to redefine “EVERYTHING” :rage:

Jake (SmartThings)
May 29, 4:55 PM

Hi Kurt,

OSRAM is not part of the promotion, unfortunately. It is only SmartThings branded products. If you click the sale banner, you’ll be brought here: https://shop.smartthings.com/#!/sale with all the products that are on sale.

I apologize for any confusion we may have created.

Kind regards,

Jake K.
SmartThings Support
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Smartthings are still 20%off on amazon


The SmartThings store is offering 20% off SmartThings branded products and you can combine that with an additional 10% off using coupon code “WELCOME10”. The 10% off can be used on any products regardless of whether they are SmartThings branded or not. The 20% off sale is limited to only SmartThings.