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20 amp z-wave switch?


I have a few outdoor heaters that require 20 amp switches. I’m having trouble finding 20 amp z-wave switches. Any recommendations?


There isn’t anything on the market at the moment that looks just like a regular 20 amp in wall receptacle, but there are some options. See the following thread (this is a clickable link)


Thanks. Any idea why there are no in-wall 20 amp z-wave switches? It’s super easy to find 20 amp non-smart switches. I don’t really have a good place to hide a relay or big external switch like the GE one.

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It’s not clear which country you are in. In the UK (and EU I assume) there are certainly a variety of DIN rail mount contactors that you could use in a small CU box…

A quick search thows up this (and similar)

  • Note: The above appears to be ZWave but not confirmed, just suggesting searches…


I’m in the US. Was hoping to find something like this but looks like no longer available.