GE Smart Switch Questions


In a 3-way switch configuration, Do I need the 3-way Smart switch only, or do I also need to install a Smart Switch Addon on the additional switch.

Also, if I want to install a stand alone switch…do I purchase the same 3-way Smart Switch as shown on the ST page?


If you need a 3 way switch you order the 2 or 3 way in wall smart switch and a dummy remote (paddle add on) that talks to that switch.

Yes, you need the pair (you can buy the separately) . The active switch actually completes the circuit, the other switch communicates to the active switch to complete the circuit.

ok thanks for clearing that up for me.

Now how about a stand alone switch. What would I use for that?

Just get the plain 2-3 way switch with nothing else. I haven’t bought switches that don’t dim in a while from ST. They used to have a plain switch and a 3 way combo package.

ok, so if I buy this switch:
I am good for any type of config (single, 3-way, 4-way). Only thing is I need to get the addon switches for the 3-way and 4-way config.

Sorry for re-iterating the same thing…I just want to make sure I get this right. They don;t sell these switches here…so I have to order them in and…well…if I order the wrong thing, it is a big pain.

Yes that switch works well for both single pole and 3-way switches.


Shop around for those switches. Unless you are wanting the Zigbee switch you can find the Z-wave versions cheaper.

ok great. Thanks for everyone’s help.

Hi ritchierich,

One last clarification, can I use that switch as a 4-way switch?

Yes, you can. You just need another aux switch.

ok. think I have it all clear now :slight_smile: Thanks everyone!