2 Random disconnects overnight: Best ways to troubleshoot?

So i have had the v2 hub for 1-2 months now and have been gradually been adding items that work natively with the ST app. I woke up this morning to a notification that my hub disconnected and reconnected twice. My first thought was it was either power, internet or the hub itself.

Wasnt power since the clock on my microwave it still up, I have it hooked to an AVR battery backup and on top of that i have the batteries in it for a last resort.

Now with regards to the internet im trying to think creatively to figure out if it went down. Im not sure if my nest logs disconnects but in its audit log it did show power outage so potentially it would show internet disconnects? I didnt see an internet disconnect if thats the case. I have a server thats on always on the wireless, would there be an audit log of internet disconnect? Lastly I have my galaxy s6/asus router if theres any way to determine from audit logs if there was a disconnect from internet. Any suggestions?

Lastly there could have been something with the samsung hub. This is the first disconnects ive experienced so not terribly concerned but want to get ahead of it if i can. Could there have been an automatic update and restart? Would that show in the audit log? I dont think the hub relies on anything remotely but could there have potentially been an issue connecting to a centralized samsung server of assort? I think its all “in house” but just a diagnostic thought. Input greatly appreciated to a new user :slight_smile: BTW i did check the similar topics (which is awesome) but none really tailored to my experience.

Bonus q: Sensor went offline a week ago and didnt realize it until i saw it in my app. Its the samsung one too; seems like many have had issues with these going offline. Many of the items ive found on here have been related to software updates or battery/faulty hardware but mine has only been in use a little over a month! Any tips would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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I’m not quite sure I understand your question fully, but smartthings is a cloud-based system. Your hub is talking to the smartthings cloud all the time, so it is about 90% “reliant on something remote.” Even a mode change requires talking to the cloud. The mobile phone app does not talk to the hub directly: it talks to the cloud.

You get the “disconnected“ message not from the hub itself, but from the cloud when the hub has failed to check in as expected.


Yeah i think that partially answers the question but also adds another variable. With a disconnect then, it could have potentially been my local connection with the hub (internet/hub software) OR the hubs connection to the cloud/cloud issues.

Id imagine if there was a cloud issue, we would know about it because people would have been coming here to ask about it so cancelling out that by default.

My question really is, why did my hub disconnected? I understand its not a huge issue but ideally i’d like to understand and see if i could prevent it in the future. I came here to see what diagnostic steps you guys have up your sleeves to try and understand it better because the app doesnt really provide that level of detail im looking for.

As i look to add more and more devices I want to ensure I make it as reliable as possible, especially with security devices. If it goes down, it wont help that much :frowning:

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Reliability is not the main reason people buy SmartThings. (Versatility is.) And if you want to use it for security, really only the ADT/SmartThings Model line is suitable for that, Which is why all the links for “security” on the website take you to that model line.

The following might help ( this is a clickable link):

As for why you saw disconnects on that particular day, that can be very hard to troubleshoot. Have you tried contacting support ?


WOW! Great article and thanks for putting the level of detail/effort into it! :slight_smile:

One of the reasons I got into the smart home world was to have a self managed/no monthly cost solution for security. I did see the ADT version but never looked into it because i didnt want to have a monthly cost for security. If it doesnt have a monthly cost, I’d be interested, but with the amount of mail i get some them trying to sell me their system im sure their money hungry hands are looking for a monthly feed :slight_smile:

I guess as noted, one of the downfalls as after reading your post, if connectivity goes down, so does my ability to disarm/manage the security. I think for majority the standard ST hub meets my needs of security solutions to deter burglary and offer versatility/convenience. I just want to make sure at all possibility i try to understand outages and try to overcome them where possible.

Once again thanks for the feedback. I’ll look to see if i can capture logs on my Asus router to see if it could report outages. Still have to figure out about the door sensor. I’m hoping all i need to do is pop it off the door and go reconnect it. Dont think it has to do with the signal as i have a sensor 20 ft away in the garage that works fine.


There are lots of threads in the forum on security issues, so I’m not going to repeat all that again. LOL! :sunglasses: They’re easy to find if you want to look for them.

As far as your sensor, there are several custom smartapps that people have created that will notify you if a device hasn’t checked in for whatever time period You want to set. I think “simple device viewer” is the most popular, but there are several with somewhat different features.

You can find it by looking on the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki, look in the smartapps section, and view the list for “wellness check.“



Also, professional monitoring is optional with the SmartThings/ADT security panel. No contracts and you can turn it on a month at a time if you need it.

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Last question about community created apps/handlers. To preface this, im not paranoid just cautious of the internet :smile: That being said, are there any types of checks/balances to validate there isnt any malicious code?

Thus far everyone has been great here, but i know all too well not everyone out there has the best intentions. Figured I’d ask as a precautionary measure as im learning about the environments and abilities. First im learning about things that work natively with ST but plan to branch out with Stringify as i have a Nest/Google home and it appears i can do some fun stuff with. Once i get a solid understanding of a lot more of this branching out a bit at a time is the goal :slight_smile:


There are no checks, but groovy is a very simple language that you read in plain text, so since these are posted publicly, it’s pretty likely that somebody would notice if there was anything weird. It’s not like downloading an app from App Store, you have to copy the actual code and paste it into your account. So it’s all right there in front of you.

This FAQ might help:


Since I’ve installed a monitor-io I have learned just how abysmal home internet can be. I get a short outage at least a couple times a week. Usually your router won’t detect these outages because it will still have a connection to the modem, it’s the modem to data center that messed up.

Certainly not saying that there can’t be anything wrong with the Hub, just letting you know my experience.