2-pack Hue White $25.50 Amazon prime (15% discount in cart) expires 7/15 11:59p

I think this is one of the best prices I’ve seen for these bulbs at less than $13 each. I recommend pairing to a Hue hub. (Affiliate links may make me or other people money, yada yada…)

The extra 15% off discount is applied in your cart and expires at the end of the day on July 15th only, so if you’re going to order, do it ASAP.

If you miss out on the 15% off, the 3-pack is only about 50 cents more per bulb ($13.32):

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Looks like these are the dimmable, not the tunable. IMHO they are more of an ugly yellow than a true white. Hue is really terrible with actually identifying their different bulbs so you know which ones you are actually buying.

You might be able to find them in your local Best Buy for cheaper. My local BB has been offering these for the past several weeks for $9.99 each.

Most of my lights aren’t color temperature tunable, but after getting one or two of the “Ambiance” bulbs, I would prefer them too (though only really helpful in my opinion if you program the color temperatures into your routines to change to your preference automatically during the day).